Our Brand

Over the past few decades, this generation has been lured into impulsive consumption of unhealthy junk food and beverages. Being targeted with constant advertising, we have had our share of it too. But one fine day in 2015, at a fork in the road moment, 3 enthusiastic youngsters decided to do something for the nation and to the world as a whole. After numerous rounds of deliberations, they came up an idea of providing healthy beverages and authentic Lassi in a perfect café ambiance at affordable price. With continuous hard work and research at ingredient level, in May 2017, the idea turned into reality with the launch of the first outlet of ‘Lassi n Cafe’ in Bangalore with 120+ products serving people of all ages.

Our Vision

To be adored by a broad range of people across the world and grow tremendously, keeping customers satisfaction as our top priority.

Our Mission

Re-creating the traditional Indian culture of celebrating life’s special moments with friends, colleagues & family throughout the world.

Our Motto

We aim to provide affordable products that stand out from our competitors without compromising on quality or quantity.

Why Choose LassinCafé?

The Lassi n Cafe is the reality of a new era; a well-recognised brand offering authentically made fresh, healthy and tasty Lassi and Mocktails just the way the customers want. The brand is growing tremendously in the quick-service café market India and abroad..

  • 120+ delicious products
  • Low start-up cost
  • Worldwide growth
  • Proven business model

Our Products

LassinCafe is one of the most prominent Lassi franchises in India that has also started making an impact overseas


Customers Says

Some of our customers' valuable opinions about their favourite Lassi franchise

“LassiNCafe is one of the best Lassi franchise in India. They provide great value for money with their products.”


“One thing i really like about LassiNCafe is their wide range of products that are available at such moderate costs compared to other franchises without even compromising in quality.”


“I've been going to LassiNCafe for a while now and they have managed to stay my favourite with their commitment to quality of service.”


“My friend introduced me to LassiNCafe and i've never stopped going there since.Thanks Sachin for suggesting this place.”


“I didnt really like Lassis before but after going to LassiNCafe it's one of my favourite drinks. They've made me addicted to a drink that I used to hate before.”


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