Our Company

Karwar Group was founded in 1979 by Late U B Abdulla and Late U B Aboobacker, who migrated from Kerala to Karwar in Karnataka, with a futuristic dream to start a business.

Despite the initial setback, with their indomitable spirit and undeterred dedication, the duo managed to set up a small shop. Then on there was no turning back. Fortune turned favourable and the growth continued with the establishment of multiple outlets across the Karwar market. Soon they diversified into hotel and general stores across multiple places including a Supermarket, textile,wholesale stores etc at their own native state of Kerala.

The legacy of providing nutritive food to people seems to have been inherited from the agricultural background of their forefather Late Valiya Pura Mohammed Haji. The next generation then came up with a renowned brand "Lassi n Cafe" serving nutritious, healthy and tasty lassi at affordable prices. With over 40 years of experience in food and retail industries, the Karwar Group has become the most trusted brand amongst people.


Customers Says

Some of our customers' valuable opinions about their favourite Lassi franchise

“LassinCafe is one of the best Lassi franchise in India. They provide great value for money with their products.”

Mohammed Sareef Student

“One thing i really like about LassinCafe is their wide range of products that are available at such moderate costs compared to other franchises without even compromising in quality.”

Juliet Mathews Engineering Student

“I've been going to LassinCafe for a while now and they have managed to stay my favourite with their commitment to quality of service. ”

Nishad Entreprenuer

“My friend introduced me to LassinCafe and i've never stopped going there since.Thanks Sachin for suggesting this place.”

RameezMarketing Manager

“I didnt really like Lassis before but after going to LassinCafe it's one of my favourite drinks. They've made me addicted to a drink that I used to hate before.”

Deepika Influencer